As a start, it was a beautiful experience to be a son of Photographer who has been clicking since late 70's

The hit and trail for me began at a very tender age of 9 years with yashica 635 and Asahi Pentax K1000. After 1 year worth of learning about shutter, aperture and bokeh finally did my first individual shoot in 1996.

From Hobby to Profession

In primitive days of my career, I learnt about density while working on a black & white enlarger. I started using softwares of photography in year 2001 with adobe photoshop 5.5. After schooling in 2004, instead of doing college regularly I was looking for a job. However wanted to work in photo lab to get more polish on the advanced role of colors in photography, so started operating the digital minilabs of fujifilm and noritsu. After working for an year the time came to oblige some prominent names of photography so went out and attended some workshops of knowledge banks like Respected Girish Mistry Sir and Respected Om Prakash Sharma Sir.
As it never ends, shooting with a variety of films including 120 roll film, 35mm, transparencies etc., I welcomed digital photography to enter into my world of photography. The time was running quickly towards digital and I had to match my level of photography with it, I then bought Nikon D70 in mid 2005. I am glad that I worked with each and every project of photography from commercial to wedding photography and studio photography to retouching, that was the reason my father calls me multi-disciplined.

After a couple of years I joined the famous fashion photographer Mr. Rahul dutta Sir, as my father told me to join a professional working photographer is far better than to join any famous academy and there I assisted him in his many big fashion and commercial label shoots. The urge to learn never ends for an artist, so with the knowledge, love and enthusiasm with cameras I managed to open a fashion studio cum photography academy in Noida.

Now fashion and commercial photography is mine completely, and I am sure that my fashion portfolios will soon catch the eyes of art/creative directors, advertising agencies and other individual fashion designers....!!!

Available for projects